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Lelit PL042 Instructions




Unpack the machine from the box. In the small box you will find a portafilter, 1 x 1 cup filter basket, 1 x 2 cup filter basket and a blind filter for backflushing.

Open the water tank cover, remove both tubes from the tank, lift out the tank and fill it with water. Replace the tank and put the tubes back in. Plug in the machine and turn it on; the indicator light above the steam knob will come on. Immediately prime the pump and fill the boiler by pushing the steam wand towards the rear so that it's over the drip tray. Open the steam knob up then turn on the brew switch. When water squirts from the steam wand, close the steam knob. Water should then start running from the grouphead. Wait a couple of seconds then turn the brew switch off.

The indicator light will continue to glow until the boiler has heated up to brew temperature. When the light goes out, insert the portafilter with the basket of your choice and press the brew switch. Run about 100ml of water through the portafilter into your cup, until the indicator light comes on again. This will warm up the portafilter and cup. Wait until the indicator light goes out again, then you are ready to brew. This step is only necessary when starting from cold.

Dry the interior of the filter basket, then push the portafilter under the grinder outlet so that it is between the forks, until you contact the grinder switch. Allow the coffee to fill the portafilter, use the tamper to push it down lightly, grind more coffee in then tamp firmly. The coffee level should be 2 - 3mm below the rim of the basket. Brush excess coffee from the rim of the portafilter using the flat of your hand.

Push the portafilter up into the brewhead, sealing it in firmly by turning the handle to the right; it should be a fraction to the right of square. Place a cup under the portafilter, then turn on the brew switch.

If everything else has been done correctly, it should take between 20 - 25 seconds from the time the switch is pressed to produce 30 ml of coffee with the single filter, or 60ml of coffee with the double filter. Faster than this and you need a finer grind or a firmer tamp; slower a coarser grind or lighter tamp. Your espresso should have a rich, reddish brown crema on top. This applies whichever filter basket is used. When the correct amount of espresso is brewed, turn off the brew switch. You will hear a hiss as the solenoid releases pressure into the drip tray, and can now remove the portafilter.

For a "longer" coffee you can add hot water to your espresso by turning on the hot water switch and opening the steam knob; hot water will flow instead of steam. Café Crema can be produced by using a coarser coffee grind so that you get 180ml of brewed coffee in 25 - 30 seconds.

You can brew 2 cups at once by using the double filter and a cup under each spout of the portafilter, but it takes considerable tamping practice to get an even flow from both spouts. It's often easier to brew into a single cup then pour half the coffee into the second cup.

The machine should not be left on unattended for longer than a couple of hours, but if you are pulling shots regularly it can be left on all day.