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Why I Like the laScala Butterfly

To begin with, it's a good looking machine with an original E-61 group, simple controls and a decent drip tray.

It makes fabulous espresso with ease.

The top is designed as a proper cup warming tray...

..with heat from the boiler directed up and out of the machine body.

Working parts are easy to get at, the tray lifts off and you only need to unscrew 4 small phillips head screws...

..which then gives you access to the pressurestat, boiler water level electrode etc. I adjust the pressurestats to 1.2 bar.

Removing 6 x 8mm bolts from around the base, and 2 more phillips head screws from each side, allows complete access to all machine components. The components themselves are standard commercial items.

Tank water level is detected by 2 electrodes with 0.5 volts running between them. The "Brain Box" is shielded from direct boiler heat by its location next to the tank.

The element is protected by a standard resettable thermostat, and access to the element itself is easy. 

Overall access to all components is clear, and function is easily understandable. Build quality is superb and heavy duty.

The large thermosyphon lines ensure excellent circulation and stable group temperatures, which is why the espresso is so good. To sum up, the design, component quality, build quality and price made these the best value for money E-61 machines I could find.