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Australias main source for espresso machine and grinder parts. Many of the parts are common to a great number of machines, even more than are listed.
The first website and forum combination dedicated to specialty coffee, founded by Mark Prince as an outgrowth of and successor to the newsgroup.
Home Barista
Founded by and Coffeegeek alumni who were dissatisfied with generalist approaches, H-B is the place to go for hard core technical advice and discussion.
Thompson and Maria Owen have been shining lights in keeping home roasting going and supplying the very best green coffees in the world to hobbyists.
The Coffee Review
Ken Davids started the specialty coffee home roasting hobby with his book "Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival". He also provides monthly tasting reviews.
Espresso! My Espresso!
One man's journey into espresso and beyond. Randy Glass started his record back in the pre-blog era and has continued to add to it ever since.
Lots of bits and pieces for the more plastic domestic espresso machines, including Saeco, Gaggia, Delonghi, and Sunbeam, as well as La Pavoni Lever machines.
The Rancilio agent in Australia is Grinders Coffee, a division of Coca Cola Amatil.