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April 2019 Newsletter

Apologies for my late return to work. My brother-in-law Eric passed
away in late March. He was the first of our generation to die among
my and my wife's families. His death meant drastic rearrangement of
travel plans and unavoidable delays in returning to Australia.

Normally when I take a break I actually return two or three days
beforehand so I can organise roasting and shipping as soon as we
reopen. Since we arrived Monday 8th a.m. I'm scrambling to catch up
and we'll hopefully be fully back in business by Thursday 11th a.m.
Meanwhile coffees will be up on the order page as fast as I can
roast them.

Anyway, since I had a lot of "Hurry up and waiting" to do I managed
to acquire a unique "Special" coffee.

For the last 200 or so years "Washed" coffees have been processed by
lightly crushing coffee cherries then submerging them in water and
allowing them to ferment. The fermentation process loosens the
cherry skins and the mucilage that surrounds the actual coffee
beans, so that further washing in clean water leaves only the beans.

In a similar fashion to wine grapes, the fermentation relies on the
natural wild yeasts present on the cherry skins. And, in a similar
fashion to wine grapes, growers have started to experiment with
selected yeast strains in order to improve the flavour.

The jury is still out on whether controlled fermentation can improve
all coffees, but there is no doubt it does make a significant taste
difference to some of them.

So, this, and probably next month's special is a Yeast Fermented
(YF) coffee, the first I've ever offered.

Burundi YF Kibingo

Upfront flavour of spiced bread and orange zest with distinctive
fruity acidity and a long sweet finish.

We will be travelling again in August for a couple of weeks to
attend a memorial service with the rest of Eric's far-flung family,
including several who couldn't organise things in time to get to the

 Until next month


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