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December 2017 Newsletter

Holiday closing dates will be as follows:

LAST ROAST will be on Monday 18th DECEMBER 2017.

LAST SHIPPING DAY & CLOSE will be Wednesday 20th  DECEMBER 2017.

REOPEN on Tuesday 9th  JANUARY 2018.

I've been chatting to my couriers and they've been telling me that
parcel volumes are up a LOT this year, which is good news for them
but not necessarily for you. Goods shipped on the Wednesday may
arrive before Christmas, but they wouldn't bet on it. A couple of
them suggested that Friday the 15th would be the most practical cut
off point, even for Express Post.

As per our usual practice, customers are reminded that we will be
running our stocks of roasted coffee down to zero, and late orders
may be filled by whatever coffees are available, not what you
actually ordered. This means that we cannot guarantee the contents
of orders after Monday the 18th. Given the usual shipping chaos that
engulfs both the post and couriers, early ordering is advised. Based
on past years some of the orders shipped on the Wednesday won't
arrive until next year. Also, a reminder that due to the volume of
orders we may take a couple of days to roast and ship, instead of
our usual next day timeframe.

There won't be a January special coffee but I'll try to organise a
brief January newsletter as soon as we're up to speed. As usual at
this time of the year, this month's special coffee is something
really special, and rates my highest cupping score this year at 92.

Nicaraguan Carlos Ferrey

An intense tropical fruit aroma and front palate flavour balanced
with cleansing mid palate acidity and a sweet nutty finish. These
coffee beans were sun dried in the cherry, i.e. "Natural" processed,
and this coffee is the first Nicaraguan natural that I've seen in
over 30 years in the trade.

Coffee is Nicaragua's major export item and rigorous industry
controls have meant that until recently all of it has been water
fermented and washed.

December also marks the return of an old favourite to our list of
coffees, the Organic Timor Maubisse. Organic coffees are episodic by
nature, crop to crop availability is never guaranteed, so since the
Organic Yirgacheffe has run out I was happy to get hold of the

And, unfortunately, it marks the discontinuation of a coffee that
I've been selling for over 30 years, the Swiss Water Processed
Colombian Decaff. Sales of decaff have fallen to a point where I'm
throwing away more than I'm selling.

I suspect that a lot of this fall is due to the increasing volume of
medical evidence that a few cups of coffee a day are in fact good
for you. I can remember my doctor in the 90's telling me that I
should switch to decaff, advice I obviously ignored. Just as well,
since I've outlived him! However, the most up to date medical advice
is that regular consumption of ordinary caffeinated coffee causes
zero harm and in fact has positive health benefits.

Anyway, with apologies to the half-dozen customers who still order
it, decaff is off the list. Have a happy and safe holiday, and I'll
be back next year.


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