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November-December 2019 Newsletter

Holiday closing dates will be as follows:

LAST ROAST will be on Wednesday 18th DECEMBER 2019.

LAST SHIPPING DAY & CLOSE will be Friday 20th DECEMBER 2019.

REOPEN on Tuesday 7th  JANUARY 2020.

As per our usual practice, customers are reminded that we will be
running our stocks of roasted coffee down to zero, and late orders
may be filled by whatever coffees are available, not what you
actually ordered. This means that we cannot guarantee the contents
of orders after Wednesday the 18th, so what you get may be more or
less a lucky dip.

 Given the usual shipping chaos that engulfs both the post and
couriers, early ordering is advised. Based on past years some of the
orders shipped on the Friday won't arrive until next year. Also, a
reminder that due to the volume of orders we may take a couple of
days to roast and ship, instead of our usual next day timeframe.

There won't be a January special coffee but I'll try to organise a
brief January newsletter as soon as we're up to speed. As usual at
this time of the year, this month's special coffee is meant to be
really special. Unlike last year, when my bulk supply of green
coffee wasn't up to scratch, this year's special was even better
than the sample. I'd easily rate it as a 92, the highest scoring
coffee I've seen for a few years.

The Christmas special (available right now!) is

Colombian Tres Dragones

It has a powerful upfront strawberry acidity which is balanced by a
rich creamy mid palate. The finish is velvety smooth with pronounced
chocolate tones.

M-m-mm, strawberries, chocolate and cream, what more could you ask

This coffee is one of the very few special lots that fall outside
the standard Colombian processing guidelines. Strict laws were
passed in the late 1890's in order to regulate the quality of
coffees exported from Colombia. Fundamentally, all Colombian coffee
for export had to be washed Arabica, with the beans graded according
to size.

The reputation for quality and consistency led to Colombian coffee
being regarded as the benchmark against which all other coffees were
measured. It also led to the greatest coffee marketing campaign of
the 20th Century, Juan Valdez and his donkey, which established
Colombian coffee in the minds of American consumers all the way up
to the White House.

What makes the Tres Dragones special is that it's a natural, i.e.
dry processed Colombian. As with the rest of the world, Colombia has
realised that the various methods used to process coffee cherries
can lead to big improvements in flavour. (e.g. The Burundi Yeast
Fermented.) With commodity coffee prices so depressed, it makes
sense to aim for excellent prices for specialty lots, and increase
the types and amounts of specialty coffees on offer.

Finally, for those worried about my impending retirement I hope to
have more news in the New Year. Have a safe and happy holiday

Until next year


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