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September 2017 Newsletter

Being your own boss is a dream for many people, but "livin' the
dream" is something else altogether. I've been doing it for over 30
years now, and have no regrets, but I've also had to learn to accept
the limitations of the job. As I've aged I've managed to get out
from under the 14 hour workdays and seven day workweeks. Holiday
time, though, has always been limited to around 18 days maximum,
usually at Christmas when the roasters are shut down.

My long suffering spouse has learned to accept this over the last 35
years but this year has put her foot down. We've had an
"interesting" year to date, with funerals for relatives, friends and
neighbours, so we're probably feeling a bit more mortal than usual.
It's also a "special birthday" year, so we've decided to treat
ourselves and take a month off together for the first time in over
20 years.

This is because she has her own business, dealing mainly with
companies in China, and their holiday dates and ours rarely
correspond. We usually get a week here and there among other
business related activities. What this means for you, my customers,
is that we'll be completely closed from

 Thursday 28th September to Wednesday 1st November.

The dates include a reminder that Friday 29th September is a public
holiday in Melbourne. There will be a November newsletter but I'm
not sure about a special yet, a lot depends on shipping schedules
and I'll be out of the loop for a month.

This time last year our special coffee was an El Salvador Bourbon,
and it was by far the most re-ordered special of the year. I've
managed to get another, very similar coffee for this month's

El Salvador Capulin Bourbon 

Intense flavour with sweet tropical fruit and hazelnut in the front
palate and a smooth cocoa/milk chocolate finish.

Now, while we WILL be on holidays and staying away from too much
that's work related, our travels more or less end when we get to
Basel in Switzerland, which happens to be just a 4 hour train ride
away from Milan in Italy. And when we get to Milan the largest
hospitality trade fair in the world will still be on, the HOST fair.
HOST includes the largest coffee related trade show in the world,
and I'll be attending.

I've been to a few HOST shows and they are a good indicator of
future trends. The first one I went to in 2003 was a predictor of
the explosion of E-61 group machines, and the last one I attended in
2011 had strong indications of the rise of "convenience coffees",
that is, capsules, pods and superautos.

The preliminary material being sent out from HOST seems to be
concentrated on environmental damage and worldwide climate change in
coffee growing regions. I expect to see a huge growth in recyclable
coffee packaging and serving options, with emphasis on biodegradable
pods and takeaway cups.

On the machine side, advanced computerization and control of just
about every machine function looks to be the coming thing, starting
with the ionic composition of the water entering the machine and
flowing on from there. Lots of modern sensor and measuring
technology is a given. Look for it in the November newsletter.

Until November


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