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Sample roasters used to prepare coffees for cupping, something we do quite often.
Coffee for Connoisseurs has always been about the bean. We have sourced and sold only the best since we opened in 1985. We were the first company in Australia to sell specialty coffees online, from 1996 until today. Thirty years of experience in buying, roasting and selling the world's finest coffees helps us to provide our customers with rare coffees of outstanding flavour and aroma. Each month we publish a newsletter discussing all types of coffee related subjects; more than 10 years worth of archived newsletters are online.We also offer a "Special Coffee" every month to showcase some of the most rare and exotic coffees in the world.

June 2016 Special Coffee
Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Coopdota R.L. Honey Prep Microlot
It comes from (obviously) the Tarrazu valley and is grown by a member of Coopdota R.L. cooperative. As usual it's full bodied and full flavoured with a tiny bit of sweet acidity and a rich and fragrant aroma, a perfect cup of coffee.


   June 2016 Newsletter
How Specialty Became Special

The journey from generic bulk coffees to single origin direct farm specialty beans.

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